About InnoRoute GmbH


Information is becoming the most important good to be shared on earth. Networks are upgraded with fibers, customer can use new services that create an increasing amount of data, and meanwhile networks move from legacy technologies to Ethernet.


While Ethernet offers significant flexibility and cost advantages, it is not easy to manage traffic, which has to move according to rules that guarantee excellent experience to the customer. With the growth of networks and the speed of fibers in core networks, carriers now have to take care that data is handles with special measures wherever and whenever there is a bottleneck.

InnoRoute was founded 2010 with the vision that in a few years everybody and everything will be connected to data networks, and that the Internet will be the dominant networking infrastructure. InnoRoute is creating solutions that will make networks more efficient - in telecom carriers, data centers, in enterprises, in military environments or at home - providing stable data flows that will guarantee the user experience we are all looking for.

InnoRoute’s mission is to improve the efficiency of networks. We do this via

  • Innovative network concepts
  • Highly optimized hardware blocks for packet processing
  • Novel software-defined interfaces
  • Efficient network equipment, such as routers and testing equipment

Our solutions are compact, power saving and provide high quality of service.