Devices with InnoRoute IP-Cores


VDSL Bonding CPE

4-Port VDSL2 Bonding CPE according to ITU-T G.998.2 that can be cascaded to 8 ports by combining two devices. It contains the PowerBond IP core implemented on a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA together with Lantiq’s VDSL2 Chipset XWAY VRX268/VRX208. The compact plug-and-play box offers various monitoring features for interoperability checks with CO implementations. A simplified version for cost-driven applications might be provided: Download the flyer here.


TrustNode IPv6 Router - Research Edition

Our router research platform eases research on network nodes:


MaxBox SME Router - secure routing for small and medium-sized enterprises

Our MaxBox router provides an easy and secure path to connect branch offices, cloud providers, and supply chains: MaxBox™ (in German)

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