Our Mission to improve network efficiency is reflected in our offering of innovative service solutions and products. We offer you hardware platforms for software defined networking, network related expert services and funding consultancy

TrustNode Family

Networks face increasing requirements on latency as well as flexibility needs in face of IoT and Industry 4.0 and are prone to hacking and security risks.

The “TrustNode” is the enabling platform for this transformation for research labs, R&D, certification and test, network operators and cloud service providers to flexibly customize networks to their needs. The key value lies in the TrustNode’s very low latency (2.5μs, Gigabit Ethernet), the easy setup and installation process alongside the various customization possibilities enabled for software defined networking.

FPGA digital design

Engineering Services

Our deep understanding and technical expertise enable us to evaluate your options, estimate cost and time, find potential bottlenecks and optimize system performance. Our Team of highly skilled engineers helps in
shortening time to market, increasing flexibility and is available on demand. We contribute to risk and quality management, specification and design in various ways. From small ad-hoc tasks to full-scale projects we are your partner for competent engineering.

Funding Consulting

InnoRoute is a trusted partner in Bavarian, German and European funding projects like Charisma and SelfNet. InnoRoute was awarded the seal of excellence of the European Union and received an EU Innovation Award for its SME Instruments project „TrustNode“.

If you need help in funding project setup, organization, you are looking for collaboration or other particularities about funding projects, please contact us.