Service Offering

We offer engineering solutions tailored to your needs.

Our deep understanding and technical expertise enable us to evaluate your options, estimate cost and time, find potential bottlenecks and optimize system performance. Our Team of highly skilled engineers helps in
shortening time to market, increasing flexibility and is available on demand. We contribute to risk and quality management, specification and design in various ways. From small ad-hoc tasks to full-scale projects we are your partner for competent engineering.

Product Development and Consulting

Digital design and FPGA prototyping

The experts at InnoRoute will increase the customization possibilities of your FPGA, optimize the throughput and even offer in field updates. The combination of highly skilled hardware and software engineers makes the difference.

  • Prototyping for devices, ICs or IP cores
  • High-level trade-off analysis
  • Simulation and modeling for FPGA, SoC, and ASIC
  • VHDL, Verilog, System C and HLS
  • Standard compliance evaluation

Embedded systems and software

Implementation of device drivers, low-level software, communication interfaces, and hardware abstraction for your IoT designs. We support in turning your specification to functional designs. We help in meeting standards and manage external dependencies.

PCB design and review

Our expertise helps you in component selection, circuit and schematic design, and layout. We support board bring-up and make your solution market ready. Our design review service helps manage risk in terms of functionality, re-design cost, and time.

Hardware and software co-design

We are proficient in both software and hardware. Our extensive knowledge leads to faster design exploration, improves your decision making, and function split. We provide resource and cost estimations based on models or up to working prototypes.

FPGA digital design

Our Team

Our team consists of senior engineers that have 12+ years of professional experience, PhD students, and young impact driven talents. We have industry and research community experience with reference projects in
telecommunications and network processing.

Our turnkey platform TrustNode

The TrustNode ® is our evaluation platform supporting you along our journey. It offers low-latency features, high accuracy, and throughput, and is designed for test and evaluation.

Christian Liss (CTO)

Christian LISS


Head of R&D

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