Solutions for Efficient Networking


InnoRoute engineers networking solutions:



  • 6Tree: hierarchical IPv6 routing concept for low-latency and efficient networking. Allows for quick router set-up within seconds. 6Tree is supported by InnoRoute’s FPGA-based router.  


  • Software-defined Interfaces: based on InnoRoute’s FlexMAC/FlexPHY blocks, software-defined network interfaces can be realized on integrated devices. Instead of just multiplexing a given set of network interfaces to the same pins, creating new protocols from scratch or adjusting parameters of network implementations is possible even after production (ASIC) or without re-configuration (FPGA). Pure software implementations lack energy efficiency and consume valuable processing time; re-configuration-based FPGA implementations may not cost efficient enough for many markets. InnoRoute’s software-defined interfaces are cost efficient, energy efficient, and offer high flexibility in implementing state-of-the-art or new protocols, to interface various devices while keeping the bill of material low.  


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