TrustNode TSN Router

The TrustNode, e.g., in its Research Edition, is the enabling platform for this transformation for research labs, R&D, certification and test, network operators and cloud service providers to flexibly customize networks to their needs.

  • Expandable, robust network evaluation and development platform
  • Loadable extension modules eg. TSN, scheduling cores, deep-package inspection, video compressing

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Raspberry – RealTime HAT

This add-on converts your Raspberry PI into an full featured TSN endpoint, precise packet analysator or Trigger generator. We port the IPcore of our Trustnode Router to the FPGA on top of the RaspberryPI. So the RPI has an FPGA based packet accelerator now. Imagine the potential!

  • Real-Time Communication with the Raspberry PI
  • Unleash the power of industrial Ethernet protocols on a Raspberry PI !
  • TSN, PTP, IEEE 802.1Qbv, Qci, Qcb, Qbu
  • Also available with Automotive Ethernet

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RealTime-HAT Extensions and Usecases
  • Custom Solution for your HAT
  • A purchased license is valid for a single, uniquely identifiable Real-Time HAT and
    is not transferable to another Real-Time HAT.
  • Use Case and Function Extension can be purchased individually.
  • It is also possible to purchase multiple Use Cases licenses for one device and select the use case on the command line.
  • Gain the full potential of your HAT!

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Technical Consulting & Services

We offer engineering solutions tailored to your needs! Our deep understanding and technical expertise enable us to evaluate your options, estimate cost and time, find potential bottlenecks and optimize system performance.

  • Design for FPGA and ASICs
  • Embedded Software
  • Hardwaredesign, PCB
  • Networking
  • Demonstrator & Testbed design
  • Short Path to your TSN Demonstrator

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IP Cores

InnoRoute is specialised on FPGA development in networking context. We offer high specialised IP-Cores for Trafficmanagement, TSN and other timecritical processes.

  • Ethernet MAC
  • Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)
  • SDN Flowmatching, packet classification

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InnoRoute baut ein deutschlandweites Routingnetz auf. Es basiert auf dem Internet Protokoll (IP) und ermöglicht damit alle IP Anwendungen wie Internet-Telefonie (VoIP), Cloud Zugriff, Webseiten etc. Das „6Tree“ Netz ist als eigenständiges Netz implementiert. Als erste Anwendung bieten wir Standortvernetzung für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen.

  • Routingservice
  • Private Cloud

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Meet InnoRoute

Upcoming Events

  • 4. + 5. July 2024: LNI 4.0 Plugfest in Augsburg