Our Offerings

Our Hardware Platforms and IP-Cores

We offer innovative hardware platforms for teaching and research, as well as industrial purposes.
Our products embrace the need for design security, flexibility, and robustness and are designed for leading edge performance.
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Engineering Services

InnoRoute offers services and consulting to support your embedded product development.
Our expertise in hardware and software design and implementation, systems engineering, rapid prototyping, and protocols allows for the highest quality results.
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Technical Consulting

InnoRoute provides consulting, training, and support in various technical areas.
InnoRoute constantly extends its expertise as a certified partner in EU, German, and Bavarian research projects like Charisma and SelfNet.
InnoRoute received an EU Innovation Award for its SME Instruments project “TrustNode”.

TrustNode Advantages

  • Lowest latency: 3 microseconds total latency for Gigabit Ethernet
  • Software-Defined Networking with OpenFlow
  • Time-Sensitive Networking: Contact us to learn more
  • Fully customizable software and fast path design (FPGA)


Development Services

  • Embedded Software and Hardware
  • FPGA, Zynq, Microcontroller
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Technical trainings, tests, and more


Our Purpose

InnoRoute was founded 2010 with the vision of creating an open European routing platform. Over the years InnoRoute reached this goal with its flagship product TrustNode and extended in various other areas of activity, like industrial networks, telecommunication equipment, and various other areas that featured embedded products.

InnoRoute EUCNC participation