Service Offering


    •  Development
      • Design for FPGA and ASICs
      • Embedded Software
      • PCB
      • Hardware design
      • Testbed & Demonstrator design
    • Consulting
      • Trainings
      • Technical Studies
      • Funding Projects

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FPGA digital design

We offer engineering solutions tailored to your needs.

Our deep understanding and technical expertise enable us to evaluate your options, estimate cost and time, find potential bottlenecks and optimize system performance. Our Team of highly skilled engineers helps in shortening time to market, increasing flexibility and is available on demand. We contribute to risk and quality management, specification and design in various ways. From small ad-hoc tasks to full-scale projects we are your partner for competent engineering.

A PDF version of our service offerings can be found HERE.

Medium-sized companies networking

In times of Corona companies are forced to let some of their employees work from home. Even if the pandemic is currently abating, the issue remains relevant.

InnoRoute offers the comfortable transition of a small or medium-sized company to distributed working.

We take care of secure networking, provide tools for collaboration and ensure secure data storage.


A) Networking

  • we have our own network where local communication remains local
  • there are no hackers and no spam


B) Tools and data storage

  • video communication: Jitsi-Meet
  • create shared documents: CodiMD
  • chat: Rocket.Chat
  • joint drawings
  • email
  • document storage and backup
  • further tools on request

All tools run on your company server and also the data storage is there. Alternatively we also offer hosting on an InnoRoute server.

We optimize your network depending on the access (DSL, cable, fiber) and recommend the location of the server in the company or data center.

Just ask us: Andreas Foglar, Tel. 0160-9726-5646 or E-Mail to for a free initial consultation.

We are pleased to help you with our knowledge.


Technical Consulting & Services


InnoRoute helps people getting systems designed, implemented, and tested. Our extensive knowledge in hardware, software, networking, systems and service evaluation and others is available now.

Technical Studies

Feasibility studies, design space explorations, scalability studies, support in make-or-buy decisions and others are part of our business. Please contact us now.

Funding Projects

Our long-term expertise and relationships foster successful participation in funding projects. We offer support in funding project setup, organization, collaboration, or other particularities. Public funding lowers the risk of entering new markets and enables the development of cutting-edge technologies, to gain competitive advantages and to acquire knowledge in new fields of expertise. Please contact us now.

Embedded systems and software

Implementation of complex embedded software architectures, device drivers, low-level software, and more for embedded systems, industrial systems, and automotive.
  • System or feature implementation
  • High-level trade-off analysis
  • Code Reviews
  • Various languages, like C/C++, MISRA-C/C++, Python
  • Standard compliance evaluation

We support in turning your specification to functional designs, taking care of all your requirements, like cost, safety, throughput, and latency.
We are always following best practices to achieve highest quality outputs!

Hardware and software co-design

We are proficient in both software and hardware, which enables us to create world-class designs on modern SoC platforms, like Xilinx Zynq or application-specific SoCs.

Our extensive knowledge leads to faster design exploration, improves your decision making, and enables efficient function splits.
We provide resource and cost estimations based on robust and powerful models.
Our expertise in hardware helps in defining powerful low-level software interfaces, our expertise in software allows for easy and powerful hardware interfaces.

Testbed & Demonstrator design

We offer you the innovative all in one packet!The InnoRoute Team build new and innovative solutions for your networking challenge. Finally, a portable standalone presentation or demonstrator is created and delivered. Your engineers are trained to work and understand the new technology. No deep learning and try & error from your side needed, just unbox and wonder.

Digital design for FPGAs and ASICs

Need to implement functionality on an FPGA or similar integrated circuits? InnoRoute can help you getting your design implemented, integrated, and running. The combination of highly skilled hardware and software engineers make the difference.
  • System or feature implementation
  • Rapid Prototyping of devices, ICs or IP cores
  • High-level trade-off analysis
  • Extensive test of designs and products
  • Independent HDL code and design specification reviews
  • Simulation and modeling for FPGA, SoC, and ASIC
  • Various languages, like VHDL, Verilog, System C and HLS
  • Standard compliance evaluation

No matter, which application you are targeting, if it is inference of learned maps, mapping of machine learning/autonomous driving/video processing/cryptographic/sensor data processing algorithms to hardware, we can help you getting the functionality that you need, getting products ready in time, and staying within budget.
We are always following best practices to achieve highest quality outputs!

PCB design and review

We support you in getting your product market ready.
Our design review service helps manage risk in terms of functionality, re-design cost, and time.

  • Schematic design and layout using Altium Designer
  • Component selection, library & BOM management
  • Design review
  • Board bring-up and test
  • EMC testing

Always following best practices to achieve highest quality outputs!

Our Team

Our team consists of senior engineers that have 12+ years of professional experience, PhD students, and young impact driven talents. We have industry and research community experience with reference projects in telecommunications and network processing.

Our turnkey platform TrustNode

The TrustNode ® is our evaluation platform supporting you along our journey. It offers low-latency features, high accuracy, and throughput, and is designed for test and evaluation.

Christian Liss (CTO)

Christian LISS


Head of R&D

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