InnoRoute partners in the EU 5G-PPP projects: SELFNET and CHARISMA

Today InnoRoute proudly announces its partnership with the EU 5G-PPP projects SELFNET and CHARISMA .

CHARISMA proposes an intelligent hierarchical routing and para-virtualised architecture that combines two important concepts: devolved offload with shortest path nearest to end-users and an end-to-end security service chain via virtualized open access physical layer security (PLS).

Designated fields of interest for Charisma are:

  • High bandwidth and low-latency service experience
  • Very low-latency 5G networking architecture.
  • Open access / multi-tenant network architecture
  • Open access 5G network architecture, to allow virtualised slicing of network resource

This project has received funding from the European Union H2020 Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement number 671704 [sic, ]

The SELFNET project will design and implement an autonomic network management framework to achieve self-organizing capabilities in managing network infrastructures by automatically detecting and mitigating a range of common network problems that are currently still being manually addressed by network operators, thereby significantly reducing operational costs and improving user experience. SELFNET explores a smart integration of state-of-the-art technologies in Software-Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Self-Organizing Networks (SON), Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Quality of Experience (QoE) and Next generation networking to provide a novel intelligent network management framework that is capable of assisting network operators in key management tasks: automated network monitoring by the automatic deployment of NFV applications to facilitate system-wide awareness of Health of Network metrics to have more direct and precise knowledge about the real status of the network; autonomic network maintenance by defining high-level tactical measures and enabling autonomic corrective and preventive actions against existing or potential network problems. [sic,]

About InnoRoute

InnoRoute is an SME specialized in IP/Ethernet packet processing with a special focus on QoS. InnoRoute solutions target fixed and mobile networks, especially at the network edges, where fast fiber network backbone ends in many small bandwidth channels. Its products are IP cores for packet processing and network devices. InnoRoute strengths are HW/SW development with emphasis on FPGA, firmware, and board.

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