InnoRoute spends unused computing resources for COVID-19 research, we have several CPU’s on our infrastructure and on spare TrustNode’s in service.

If you have TrustNode device in your Lab which is currently in an idle period, you can spend some CPU time for searching a drug against COVID-19.

We created an OS-image launching a docker container for running Folding@Home WU’s

How to contribute:

  • Prepare your TrustNodes with power, USB drive and management Ethernet (please use a USB-Network-Interface, the front ports will be disabled during this setup)
  • download the OS-image: here
  • power-on

Configuration and technical details see below.



InnoRoute Team stats

Technical details

This is an simple demonstration for running a docker container at the TrustNode platform.

We simply pull and run it on all cores.

Feel free to modify the user, password or team number in /usr/share/InnoRoute/ Finally we are fighting for the same team.

The FAHclient will run automatically, for configurations you can connect FAHcontrol to port 36330, as a TrustNode user, you will know the password.