InnoRoute is a partner in the Industrial Internet of Things research project Treufunk

InnoRoute is proud to announce that the company is now a partner in the Industrial Internet-of-Things research project Treufunk, funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education .
The goal of the project “TreuFunk” is to provide reliable, safe and real-time communication technology in the lower GHz and sub-GHz frequency area for industrial control centers and control loops. Apart from the technical requirements to the real-time ability of the devices, the research is pointed at miniaturized, highly integrated modules with very little energy consumption. Research on protocols and for the configuration of the dedicated communication processors should enable the use of communication modules for the communication within the industry.

The objective of the InnoRoute GmbH is to implement a new FlexMac concept for the TreuFunk application, to integrate this solution in the full system and to verify it with a demonstrator. InnoRoute will contribute an innovative concept for the media access control function (MAC), consisting of C functions, that are, thanks to optimized hardware, very easily and quickly executed.

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About InnoRoute

InnoRoute is an SME specialized in IP/Ethernet packet processing with a special focus on QoS. InnoRoute solutions target fixed and mobile networks, especially at the network edges, where fast fiber network backbone ends in many small bandwidth channels. Its products are IP cores for packet processing and network devices. InnoRoute strengths are HW/SW development with emphasis on FPGA, firmware, and board.

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