InnoRoute presents at Home Gateway Initiative

Today, InnoRoute presents its YouQoS approach of user-controlled QoS to the Home Gateway Initiative.
The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) is nonprofit trade organization to discuss the key specifications and standards of residential gateways, also known as home gateways.

It was founded by telephone companies in December 2004.


Several manufacturers such as ADB, Devolo, Huawei, Ikanos Communications, Intel, Lantiq, SoftAtHome or ZTE also joined the alliance. HGI's aims included improving the interoperability of gateways with home devices.

InnoRoute contributed its findings of the YouQoS approach to this forum: The idea of the YouQos project is that data streams of the most important applications in a network will be prioritized. The user will determine what applications are currently important to him and thus increase is network experience substantially. InnoRoute designed the FlowEngine as a part of this project

The InnoRoute FlowEngine IR-FExG is an Ethernet packet processor core element that is used to extend the functionality of a standard layer-2 Ethernet switch to provide G.999.1 connectivity over Gigabit-Ethernet interfaces, ATM AAL5 segmentation and reassembly for legacy ADSL operation and a highly innovative QoS functionality based on InnoRoute FlowShaper architecture.

Read more on Home Gateways from our partner from Flex DP Fraunhofer here:

About InnoRoute

InnoRoute is an SME specialized in IP/Ethernet packet processing with a special focus on QoS. InnoRoute solutions target fixed and mobile networks, especially at the network edges, where fast fiber network backbone ends in many small bandwidth channels. Its products are IP cores for packet processing and network devices. InnoRoute strengths are HW/SW development with emphasis on FPGA, firmware, and board.

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