InnoRoute research received funding from STMWI

InnoRoute participated in the NEWAPI project of the Bavarian ministry of economic affairs and media:

The BayTOU Projekt NEWAPI solves a problem with the programming of embedded systems. Integrated circuits are nowadays very complex so that the configuration and programming take several months. This was especially true for telecommunications, where a multitude of functions and protocols are implemented on a chip.

The InnoRoute GmbH uses a new procedure that eases the implementation and configuration significantly. Instead of several months, the programming can be reduced to several weeks increasing productivity by a factor of three.
The procedure is based on a new programming interface that consists of few hardware accesses. The access is implemented as software method. Prerequisites are well-defined circuit architectures, the user has to know at least fundamentally.

For verification purposes, InnoRoute GmbH used a demonstrator, namely the flow engine, equipped with a processor. This allowed for the application of the new procedure. Applications like ICMP (PING), Ethernet OAM and Open Flow Channels could be realized.

Thanks to the funding of NEWAPI InnoRoute was able to extend its product portfolio in a way that any packet processing for Ethernet or Internet protocols can be addressed.

About InnoRoute

 InnoRoute is a provider of highly innovative packet processing technology enabling the next and future generations of telecom carrier and service provider networks. The InnoRoute flow engine architecture provides a combination of multi-Gigabit throughput and best-in-class Quality-of-Service (QoS) functionality. InnoRoute was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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