InnoRoute starts to deliver the final version of its TrustNode Research Edition

After thorough development and careful design of a router platform, InnoRoute now offers a robust, ready-to-use network processing platform with maximum configurability for research and teaching purposes.

Existing commercial systems barely allow customization and usually offer proprietary configuration languages and operating systems.
Available research platforms usually require manual assembly and maker skills.
The TrustNode Research Edition provides the best balance between readiness and configurability.
Develop your own algorithms as software on the Atom and then port it into accelerator structures inside the FPGA.

Top features include

High accuracy packet control and traffic measurement: generate, modify, switch, and analyze packets with high precision

Line Speed packet processing with integrated Xilinx FPGA

Comfortable software control through integrated Intel Atom processor using provided software packages and driver

Easily extendable FPGA design and Linux software stack

Expert-level support and TrustNode community access

Technical description

  • Atom processor (1.9 GHz Quad- Core with 4 GB of RAM) running reference Linux distribution
  • FPGA (134.6 kLUTs, 269.2 kFFs, 12.8 Mb BRAM) configured with the TrustNode router design, which can be modified or replaced by users. It consumes about 50% of the FPGA‘s resources
  • Ultra-low latency of 2.5 μs (cut-through) and jitter below 1μs
  • Supporting Synchronous Ethernet
  • Interfaces: 12 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Console port, USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports, and SD-Card interface to the Atom processor
  • Integrated system monitoring and smart cooling
  • Size: 19″, 1.5U (W 440mm, H 69mm, D 228mm), 2.5 kg


Samples can be seen at embedded world 2017 in Nuremberg at the booths of InnoRoute’s partners CAD-UL and TQ-Systems.

About InnoRoute

Our mission is improving network efficiency. We are a Munich-based, leading edge engineering company focused on software defined networking. We are a highly specialized team with a focus on hardware design, offering turnkey solutions for research institutes and universities. InnoRoute is a certified partner in EU, German, and Bavarian funding projects like Charisma and SelfNet. InnoRoute was awarded the seal of excellence of the European Union and received an EU Innovation Award for its SME Instruments project „TrustNode“.

 If you are interested in ordering one of the TrustNode Research routers, please visit: or write us an email at

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