InnoRoute participates in the wireless congress

Wireless Congress

InnoRoute is proud to announce its participation in the wireless congress for systems and applications held in Munich on November 7, 2013.

We will contribute with a presentation about WAN optimizations in Vehicular Networking.

Data transport fluctuations affecting vehicular connectivity are inexperienced in fixed access as well as in pedestrian mobility: in this paper, we review how solutions known as WAN (Wide Area Network) optimizations can be effective to improve user experience in vehicular clients. We show that the core techniques for enabling WAN optimizations are based on network traffic predictions and can largely benefit from the fusion of information available from other vehicular subsystems like GPS navigation. We argue that a suitable platform for implementing vehicular connectivity consists of commodity LTE (Long Term Evolution) access points docked into properly programmed PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices).

Read more on this topic in our presentation and paper

About InnoRoute

InnoRoute is an SME specialized in IP/Ethernet packet processing with a special focus on QoS. InnoRoute solutions target fixed and mobile networks, especially at the network edges, where fast fiber network backbone ends in many small bandwidth channels. Its products are IP cores for packet processing and network devices. InnoRoute strengths are HW/SW development with emphasis on FPGA, firmware, and board.

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