InnoRoute shows its first 4 Port VDSL2 Bonding Demo

Today, InnoRoute announces its first 4Port VDSL2 Bonding Demo.
The technology used is intended for Ethernet in the first Mile (EFM) and is included in Clause 61 of the basic Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3. It is denoted there as PME (Physical Media Entity) Aggregation Function (PAF). Based on this standard, ITU-T created a technical recommendation called G.998.2 (Ethernet-based multi-pair Bonding)

While 2-line Bonding is already deployed by some operators, 4-line or 8-line Bonding support on the CPE side is not yet available. An introduction of 4- or 8-line Bonding is currently hampered by the hen-and-egg problem that CO (Central Office) equipment manufacturers are waiting for CPE equipment manufacturers and vice-versa.

InnoRoute breaks this vicious cycle by providing the PowerBond solution for 4/8-line Bonding. This IP block can be licensed by CPE and CO equipment manufacturers as low-cost FPGA, as a sub-board to their solution, or as an IP block within their ASIC

Fragmentation and reassembly of packets for data rates up to 100 Mb/s per line consume much processing power and energy if executed by a processor. Therefore InnoRoute decided to go for a hardware IP core.

 The InnoRoute PowerBond IP core supports fragmentation and reassembly for a configurable number of lines together with registers for configuration and error statistics. InnoRoute’s solutions can be tightly integrated with VDSL chips that terminate the G.994.1 handshake. The PowerBond implementation is configured via these VDSL chips. A modified version of the PowerBond IP core is available for the CO side as well.

Read more on the InnoRoute bonding demo here: WhitePaperBondingDemo

About InnoRoute

InnoRoute is a provider of highly innovative packet processing technology enabling the next and future generations of telecom carrier and service provider networks. The InnoRoute flow engine architecture provides a combination of multi-Gigabit throughput and best-in-class Quality-of-Service (QoS) functionality. InnoRoute was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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